Monday, May 7, 2012

Love, Dance & Live

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I know it's Monday, only Monday but why not celebrate it instead of dreading it, do you agree dear reader?  I'm listening to Jennifer Lopez' new song, I want to Dance.  It's about her wish to dance, love and dance again! And why not? She should be able to do whatever the heck she wants, especially because she can afford to do it all! So you go ahead Ms. Lopez, you dance, and love and dance again!  I'll second that, and I'll throw a lot of living into it too! Below I'm posting the video from Youtube and along with Jennifer is the adorable Pitbull (yes, adorable for me!lol!) Happy Monday dear readers, have a wonderful day today!

Note: Video posted from, all rights belong to the owners of this video, music and lyrics. I own nothing. Please go to to see this directly or watch from here.  


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