Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Blog Update Plus...I Miss You!

It has been so long since writing on the blog!  I cannot tell you how much I miss Writing.  It is difficult when the Vision you foresee cannot come together for "the look" I envision.  Not to worry though dear readers, this Blogger will get her Muse going until we can pull-off what we want to achieve!

I love these flowers...my Mother's Day gift

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Working on a Make Over

I am working on a makeover for my blog because it really needs it and because it's time to finally have the look that I want for this space of mine.

So while I do this, let's take a moment to catchup on some of your favorite posts. Stay tune!🙏👌👀

Friday, January 15, 2016

Go Bold 2016 - Let's Get this Party Started!

Everyone has an opinion; they can tell you what they think; they can gloss over everything; but they really don't say anything.  It will take you to focus on yourself and do what you really want to do.  I admire the people who know what they really want to do immediately and they go after it with gusto. I also admire, and envy, just a bit, the people who don't have to say or do much, and the world falls at their feet. That is charisma I guess.

There are however some of us who do have to work really hard at making anything they do work for themself. So, which category do you fit in? I say stop looking at others. Stop trying to define yourself. Shut out the noise of the indifference and get out of your own head. You have a dream? Go do it. Don't worry about what others think or how yours may not look like someone elses. You have to take that leap and do it.

So if you are multi-faceted and you want to do a little bit of this and that....aka doing several of what you love. Go do it. Just start. Then you will see what it is you are meant to do, and who you are meant to be. Just do not sit there!


Saturday, January 2, 2016

EATS! Ackee and Saltfish

Ackee in Pod
 photo via Wikipedia and used by Free Common Use Licenses from

One of the favorite food of my birth homeland is Ackee.  It is a vegetable that grows on a tree.  When we eat Ackee it is paired with Saltfish, known as Codfish to the rest of the world.  You cannot have one without the other, the two are always eaten together and this is why it is known as the National Dish in our country.

Friday, January 1, 2016

PhotoJournal: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year dear readers!  It's almost the end of the first day of January 2016. I am so happy to have "rung" it in being with my immediate family.  We had Thanksgiving and Christmas with extended families and our oldest Jessica (who is expecting btw!!!) and our gran, JJ.  For New Year's Eve, since our soon to be new gran is almost here, it was time spent on our own.

Here are a few photos that tells the story of what we did.  Now you know I usually dress up even if I'm at home, why not?!  Our kids did the same, the hubs however has his own sense of style and we leave him to it!lol!  I hope for you a year of good fortune, many blessings and may all of your dreams come true!  Happy 2016!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

With the Spirit of the Season on us, the big day is right here - almost!  I want to wish for you and yours a wonderful, beautiful and blessed Christmas.  May all your wishes and dreams come true.

Merry Christmas!!!! 

Friday, December 18, 2015

A Re-post: Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas

I have a few more gifts to purchase for the big day. How about you my dear readers?  I'm glad that I'm almost done with shopping for gifts.  Last year I posted a great article from Pure wow and you loved it too.  Just in case you need a reminder or a clue as to what to buy and where to go find these gems, if you follow the link below you will find out how to go about getting your last minute gifts.

FOREVERSERENITY: Last Minute Gift Ideas: Coach  as seen on PureWow.com So for those of us, yes, "us", as I'm not even near there with this gift buying season; who...