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Friday, September 26, 2014

Review: The Flex Belt
I received an invitation to review The Flex Belt by bio-medical research (bmr) and was very happy to do so since I was ready to "take my belly down" a notch or two!lol!  As much as I try to work out as often as I can dear readers; as much as I love to run and get physical because it makes me feel better; and it is the best way for me to de-stress; my stomach is another matter entirely!  Just the other day I asked my hubby, "why can't I get this belly down more...?"....he was quite happy in not falling for that question by the way!lol!  

Here's a teaser, a "quickie" introduction if you will.  I made a few flubs and had to go back and put some annotations on the video to correct the mistakes.  I did this teaser at least a week and a half ago and shared on my Google page & You Tube, but hadn't gotten around to sharing with you on my blog.   If you tuned in to my bloggers meet up hub last Thursday, I mentioned a "big reveal" in this video.  It's... ~a-hem~...pretty revealing!  To see what it is, watch the video below and let me know what you think.

Note: I was gifted a flex belt in order to do the review and write up.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Best Run Ever

I finally got back on the road again, that's just my metaphor for "the park" where I usually run when I'm not on a treadmill at the gym. It's been so long since I seems to me that I would be starting all over again! You know, going slow, probably huffing & puffing... but oh no, it wasn't and was I surprised!

The weather was overcast, but I had to, I had to go out and run because I needed it.  If you run, you'll know what I'm talking about!  So as soon as my work day ended, I changed and literally ran...(drove) as quickly as I could to my favorite place.  It's bad that I didn't even stretch before I ran...yep...not a good thing to do. But that didn't matter, I just wanted to get out there. So I put my music on, choosing the free music I downloaded recently, Demi, (check out my musical obsessions) and oh what a choice that was!  Every song was just perfect. The uptempo took me into slow tones, into really piercing vocals...Demi Lovato has grown up!

I ran the way I've always wanted to, without thinking about anything, I just let go, and moved. 1.47 miles by the time I was done. Not too shabby for getting back on the wagon don't you think dear readers?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Repost: Motivational Mondays: Don't Take Crap - Put. Your....

It's been a while since I posted any motivational articles and found this one again.  There are times when we need to remember not to let other "get in our heads" with their negativity.  Whatever it is you have planned for yourself in order to achieve your dreams, don't stop.  The going will get rough, you may even lose sight of the path you are supposed to be on, keep it moving and just don't give up!

See the article linked below, read it and let me know if you agree with me.

FOREVERSERENITY: Motivational Mondays: Don't Take Crap - Put. Your....: "Some of us are not enjoying our lives, we are enduring it. Don't spend your time trying to make people who don't like you, l...

Fitness Wednesdays New Image Logo

I've decided to be creative and came up with the idea for an image for my fitness cover articles and videos.  One thing that my bloggers meet up gabfest 101 did for me was reminded me to do something about the need to have my own images.

Of course there will be a time when I need to utilize images from elsewhere and will do so using the free searches I talked about! What do you think about this dear readers?  Remember we covered branding?  I think this a a great way to brand my quest for fitness articles, wouldn't you agree?  

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Musical Obsession: Free Music from Google Play-Demi Lovato

My goodness, free music album!!!  I'm totally stoked! Google Play is at it again, giving away free music dear readers.  This time it's Demi Lovato's music.  I have admired Demi's work because my pre-teen Amanda is a big fan and loves her music.  So of course mommy tunes in  and have become a fan too!

I've already downloaded my free music, if you haven't yet, go on over to Google Play and check it out.  If you downloaded Katy Perry's Prism from my last Musical Obsession write up, you already have your personal information (aka debit/credit card) and this download will be a cinch!  Didn't I tell you, $0.00!!! No charge! Woot!

I've been listening to the DEMI album and like what I'm hearing so far.  Amanda's favorite song is Neon Lights.  Let me know which song you like the best.

You can go to the link I've already shared from the first day on Google+: Demi Lovato's, Demi 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Operation Motivation: Stay Focus, Being Motivated, Beware Shiny things

There are times when I don't post any new articles because I can't get a moment to really sit and write.  I like writing good articles, at least to me, they are good because I'm sharing from my heart.  I give a part of me with each writing, and I want that moment to be good for the person who reads my work.  That would be you my dear readers.

 If I'm ever going to be away from my blog for too long, I like telling you that, just so you know.  It's my way of checking in, if you will. As you know, this year I decided to really take this hobby of mine more seriously and really dedicate as much of my energy as I can to it. When I am cheering you up, I'm doing it for me as well.  There is so much that goes on in our world, globally (your home country and worldwide) and internally (in our individual lives), we do need encouragement from time to time.  I don't know about you, but I need it!

Motivation helps me to keep focus, my eyes on the prize so to speak, so that I can get myself where I want to be and accomplish some of the goals I've set for myself.  One of the things that will happen is I will get distracted.  Either with personal issues which takes up a lot of time, or by other things that  will grab your interest.  I call those things "shiny baubles".  You know, it's like looking at the storefront and you see all the pretty and shiny jewelry; or gadgets; or shoes; whatever it is you love, that will hold your attention and your focus for a lot too long, then all of what you wanted to do, such as your goals, go unaccomplished. 

Has this happened to you?  Doesn't that just drives you nuts?!LOL! So, this is why I say, "Beware shiny things" - they keep you distracted!  I've been walking around with a silly smile on my face lately. I'm trying to remember to smile more because I am one of those people who, just because what I think and how I feel will "show", I might just give the wrong impression that makes me unapproachable.  Half the time I'm so deeply engrossed in my mental state of being that I don't realize that I might be giving mixed signals. So, I'm smiling more. I'm also smiling more because I'm feeling really filled up with joy inside with the love of God's light shining within me.  I know, it's almost sounding corny, but that's how I'm saying it! 

I want you to remember this phrase: 
"I use my conscious intention to manifest my dreams"

This is what I try to remember as I go about my daily life.  I learned this from one of the meditation challenges with Deepak Chopra (and Oprah) from the Chopra Center.  Whenever I participate in these meditations I learn so much and re-discover even more about myself.  You should try it!  I am linking below, one of my articles from one of the challenges.  Let me know if you like it.

Follow the link:

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Quick Note - Bloggers Meet Up Hub ~ Fabulously Curvy

A quick note my dear readers. Please click the link below. I'm cross-sharing from my fashion blog.

A Quick Note - Bloggers Meet Up Hub ~ Fabulously Curvy