Thursday, April 16, 2015

Musical Obsession: My Music Playlist Part Deux

A couple of months ago I wrote an article asking you about your music playlist.  I never got the chance to show you my list.  A lot happened after I wrote that article so I didn't get the chance to follow up. It is about time that we talk about music again dear readers.  Remember I promised to show you half of the playlist I'm listening to, and you will show me yours? 

I love to run and although I've not figured out how I'm going back out there again since I'm going to night school, I still love it.  As green as I am at it, (I've been running for a few years now), and though I only run for a mile or two these days, running is in my blood.  When I run I love listening to music.  My taste in music is pretty varied.  I am going to share music from one of my running playlists stored on Google Play with you.  

When I run I get into a totally different zone. The adrenaline and the feeling is one that only a runner will understand.  Some runners don't like to listen to music when they do run; I totally understand when they need no interference between them and their zone.  Listening to music helps me to focus and shut everything out.

What's on the playlist I am sharing?  Well, Cold Storm by Pina, Sweet Jane by The Velvet Underground, Veil of Isis by The Sword and Higher Ground by the Red Hot Chili Peppers from their Album, Mother's Milk.  As I mentioned, my taste is pretty eclectic and this is one of my favorite playlist to run to.  

Without further ado, here's the list, and I've added one more.  You have to listen to see which it is:

Now, your turn.  Share a sample of your playlist with me.  

Happy TGIF ~ all day today~
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Google's New Mobilization Expansion - Are You Ready?

If you are the owner of a website, did you know that Google will be making changes in how it ranks all websites because of mobile search capabilities by consumers and others, which will likely affect the rankings and standing of your blogs and websites.  Did you know about this dear readers?
Are you ready for Google + Mobile changes?

If you didn't, here's what will be happening. On April 21st, if your website is not mobile friendly, whatever your ranking is now, it will no longer be the same. Any individual using their smart phone to search  your website and is unable to access from his or her mobile phone, then your website will no longer appear in Google's mobile search.

Do follow the links below where you will be able to read the details and follow other links within the articles to see your website meets Google's Mobile Friendly Criteria, and is in fact, mobile ready.

For all of this, follow this link on Search Engine Journal online.

Also you should visit this second link below.  Again, by way of Search Engine Journal online, here you will be able to read what Google is doing to help website owners who might not be ready for these new algorithm changes.

I have been making changes to my own blog sites so that what little ranking I have doesn't get buried by Google.  If you know more and what else we can do to make this change easier for us, do let me know. In the meantime, Google is giving all the information and help so follow the links and do what you need to do. And do follow Bloggers Meet Up Hub on Google+.  I follow some fantastic people who keep me informed!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Life Moments - Why I am Even Busier than before!

So it's been a week since I posted on Foreverserenity.  I like posting when I can sit and think and really give food for thought  in my articles that I share with you dear readers.  Confession time, I do keep up more often with the articles I publish on Fabulously Curvy. And that's because it's all about what's going on in the world of fashion, beauty, products, or even my hair!lol! 

I'm late to bed, and have to get up really early, so this is a "quickie".  It's been a while since I posted photos in my Family Fun Journal, so here are some that will tell a story!

Note, please do not copy or re-share these photos. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.


Well, I'm really seriously late for bed, so until next time!  Do let me know if you enjoyed my photo. I will be posting new pictures on my Photo journal page soon.  

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fitness Wednesdays: Why must I take my Vitamins?

In keeping with my fitness quest to be healthier and toned as I grow older, being in good health is a must.   I've always tried to eat a balanced diet my entire life, even though I do (over) indulge from time to time.  If my mom were here, she would tell you that I never say no to food as a child, and I'm not ashamed of that at all. 

Over the years, I've had moments in my life when I was at the peak of fitness.  I achieve this goal by focusing my energy four to five days a week working out very regularly and eating as healthy as possible.  Doing that enabled me to keep my curvy figure toned.  As the years go by and being an emotional eater, well, that went out the window.  As I've shared in the past, my hubby loves me for me, fat and all.  In fact, when I get too focus with my weight loss journey, he always reminds me not to get too skinny....well, some guys love their women curvy, and I'm glad mine does!

I have learned to be in charge of my emotional eating (notice I didn't say "control"), although there are times when I do slip up. Now I know not to beat up myself but to re-focus my energy on being me.

I haven't always been good about taking vitamins. There are times I do and times I don't. However being a person who experience iron deficiency and other traits...making sure I do eat my vitamins in vegetables when I don't want to take supplements is a must. Now that I am older and yes...hahaha....wiser....I stick to the plan for a much healthier me.

I will continue to share my workouts and my interest in being healthier with you dear readers.  I am back on the run, and doing weight training too.  Another focus of mine is building my core.'s hard but I'm having fun learning, honing my body! :)

Do tell me what do you do? Do you time?   I would love to know. Share what you do to keep yourself healthy by leaving me a comment.  Cheers to your health & mine!
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Celebrating Life at Easter

It's Spring and for some of you the weather is getting much better.  The ice is melting and the flowers are beginning to bloom.    If you're in a warmer climate like I am, there are those really hot, sunny days when all you want to do is be outside and not cooped up inside a building that has me dreaming of frolicking, running, eating ice cream, doing all the fun things in appreciation of what life offers. 

You can feel the vibrancy in the air, a kind of expectation of things to come, filled with life and hope and dreams.  This is why I love Spring, it gives you that sense of renewal.  A time to begin again, or you find renewed strength to try again. I wonder if you feel the same way dear readers?  It is interesting how people often feel differently because we experience life in different ways.  For each of us, our life experiences are pretty much our own.  Not even when you live in the same household do you have the same experiences.  Sure, there are moments when you have the same experiences because you are in a shared space.  Yet, how we each perceive what we experience is never the same.  Often times we don't seize the opportunity to step beyond the lines of that box that is around us and our lives. We should not be afraid to experience life in new ways.

For me Easter brings that sense of renewal.  I get the chance, pretty much like I do everyday, to try again.  I am alive and that gives me the opportunity to keep moving forward, seeing life in general through "new eyes", as if for the first time. 

I am reminded of an article I wrote two years ago where I said....

"It's funny (as in strange...but ohs so sometimes those "aha-moments") how God works
Because whether you like it or not, He is there.  Whether you believe it or not, He will always be there.  Even if you don't believe.  Because we are all one, human race...and though we may fight and carry on and do some of the things we do......he watches, and yes, he intervenes.  There are those moments when he lets you know that hey, yes, I am here...for you."
- See more at:

Most times, for many of us, we tend to forget that our savior is here, watching, listening, supporting, removing things out of our way just so that we can live our lives.  It is in these moments that I do realize how lucky I am to be here now.  Life is never the way we want it to be, but it is often how it is supposed to be. 

If you are wondering if God is there; asking yourself why you are having your unhappy life experiences; it doesn't mean you are a bad person, or your luck has ran out.  Perhaps it is because you haven't learned what you are supposed to yet. And perhaps you are not ready to handle what your destiny is at this time.  

Some people might even say I'm just making up things to make you feel good.  But it doesn't matter what anyone says, or even what I say.   Know that you are loved and life will continue with you in it because we receive the chances and opportunities we do through His grace. Jesus lives, and so do you, and me.  So let us celebrate life at Easter, appreciating it more now, than ever before.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Girls Can Still be Girls & Kick Butt

Yes we can.  We can still be women, "all-girly" (kick stereotyped to the curb) and all, and do whatever the heck we want.  I read an article in the New York Times written by Vanessa Friedman, in the Times Fashion & Style section.  The article was about First Lady, Michelle Obama and what she wore on her recent 5-day trip to Asia, visiting countries such as Japan and Cambodia to champion her "Let Girls Learn" education campaign.

You know how it is dear readers, Mrs. Obama goes on a trip, the conversation will always, always focus on what she wears.  This visit was no exception.  What I do like about this particular article however, was that the writer made some good points which gave some "food for thought" aka made me think. 

The writer, Ms. Friedman, noted that instead of her usual power suits and bold prints in a hue of colors, Mrs. Obama's wardrobe was rather, "girly" and (screamed) "Femininity to a Point".  Ms. Friedman didn't like any of the outfits that the First Lady wore at first, in her article she observed of the First Lady's choice of clothing:

"They bring to mind the decades when gender roles were codified and distinct, when women’s sphere was the home, and their game plan didn’t necessarily included higher education." Excerpted from "For Michelle Obama, Girlie Clothes that Lean In"

I'm looking at the First Lady's dress from a photograph in the article (posted above) and I really can't see where this would come into play.  But it is the writer's opinion, and upon reading further, I realized why she made these observations and felt the way she did.

According to the writer, the First Lady's choice of clothing style for the entire trip was not very empowering.  She wondered how could the First Lady dress that way when her whole program was geared towards empowering young girls and telling them that they can do anything they want, when her choice of wardrobe reminded her (and possibly anyone who saw the First Lady) of the 1950's; back in the day when the very notion that a woman could do anything such as be a leader, or even work outside the home was a big no-no?

The writer came to the conclusion that the First Lady was very astute in her decision to wear what she did.  Her clothing choices were all very feminine and very "girly" because she wore dresses, and skirts with depictions that bordered on being whimsical.  Everything that a woman in business, and in charge would never do because to be taken seriously most women in business often wear their "man-style" attire with the only hint of femininity being the bright blues and reds of their suits.

What Mrs. Obama has done is shown the young ladies (and the world) she is empowering that they can get an education, become leaders, and do whatever they want, while keeping their femininity in play.  What our girls and young ladies choose to wear does not make them any less than they are.  Is that awesome girl power or what?!  

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Welcome to Our New Look

Well, my dear readers, I've found a look and style that I love for Foreverserenity blog.  It will take a bit for us to get all the tabs working and customize this new theme to what our needs are.

Until such time we ask for your patience and understanding as we continue our work in progress.  Please do feel free to roam around the site, sip your coffee, or drink of choice. Open a title are two, and ride the clouds of our creative muses.
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