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Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Vlog: My Results - The Flex Belt Worked

I am super excited dear readers.  Do you want to know why?  Because of the Flex Belt, which I've used for two full weeks so far; my body looks so much better and I am feeling fabulous! Yes, and that's with being super busy and unable to workout 3-4 times a week as I'm used to! 

A few facts:
1)The Flex Belt by BMR will give you a great abdominal workout because it strengthens your abs and makes it stronger. 
2)It works by stimulating your muscles with the electronic components that makes the belt works.  
3)Be sure to visit with your doctor before you use this product or do any workout for that matter, your health is important and so you do what is best for you. 
4)Please do read and follow the instructions, caution, and advice from the manufacturer of the belt.  It's like crossing the street, you do so with caution looking both ways first right?  So do read everything and follow their instructions. 

It's pretty simple and easy to use, I get home from work, I plug in he unit to charge, when it's ready, I attach the unit to the connector on the belt, and's ready to go!  Do follow the link I'm putting below so you can find out more about it.  

Now watch my new vlog video, a review follow-up and see the results.  

Follow the link I mentioned for more info here:

Let me know what you think dear readers, do you see a change? Would you use it?

Note: I was gifted the Flex Belt so that I could try it and do this review.  The link above is affiliated with me.  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hello Kitty, a little girl? What?!

Think of a kitty, a famous one you know, the one whose face is on quite a few merchandise that we all love and go "ape" about.  Who is this famous kitty I am referring to?  That's Hello Kitty of course!  Did you know Hello Kitty is a little girl, as in a human girl?  

The owners of the brand recently revealed that Hello Kitty is a little girl who attends Primary School (that is Elementary School for the U.S.) and lives in London.  What?!  How can that be? According to Sanrio, the creative company of our favorite, little human, consumers assumed she was a cat because of the markings on her face which are not whiskers.  But, but......OK, maybe those are earrings?! ~must make sense of this~   She can be whomever the people who love her want her to be (ad lib here).   Sanrio knew from the beginning that she was a little girl who lives in England.  She even has a twin sister, and a cat of her own!!! 

I talked to my 13 year old about this because she (along with her friends), are big Hello Kitty fans.  Amanda always want something Hello Kitty and recently begged for and received that cute pair of Hello Kitty glasses.  When I shared this news, she was absolutely surprised and immediately went to every photo she had featuring her to make sure.  She had the same response, "...the whiskers... and the ears...?"  She's not upset about it, and has taken the news in stride! 

For the 40th anniversary, the company will publish the story behind Hello she began, so keep an eye out for this upcoming book (which will definitely reveal her background).  In the mean time, there will be a special day for Hello Kitty fans to celebrate, a Reading Day.  It is this year on October 25th.  There will be all sorts of activities centered around this day.  I've linked the website below where you can not only download the cool icon I've placed in this article, you can get caught up on what is planned for that special reading day, and also participate if you which to.  

We have taken the fact that Hello Kitty is human in stride dear readers, how about you?  If you have children, do they know this?  I would love to hear your thoughts, and especially theirs!

I perused articles on and to help with the details of this article.

Hello Kitty Reading Day in on honor of the 40th Anniversary will be on October 25th, 2014.
Download a free event day kit on the website too!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In Memory of my Mom - Happy Birthday

I was pregnant with Amanda in this photo

Today is a very special day to my heart.  My mom was born on this day, and although she has passed on to the other side, it's a day I will never forget.  I thank God for her being my mom. My siblings and I continue to remember her as the years go by.  Birthdays, Mother's day, Day she passed on, and any other days we choose to.  This might be macabre to some, but I really don't care.  

I had a dream about her and just when she was about to tell me something, that darn alarm clock went off!!!!LOL! I can just hear her laughing at that one!lol!    I miss you. I will always love you.

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On Your Journey of Self-discovery.....

Sometimes you have to remember my dear readers, not to lose sight of what you stand for, of what you believe in.  In doing this you stay true to who you are.  I am on the self journey to re-discover my authentic self.  In a sense I was lost, yes lost because I let others get in my 'headspace" aka my thoughts, my way of thinking and doing.

Think about this, have you been really doing what you want to do?  Is where you are in your life right now where you want to be, where you are meant to be?  Have you been getting these little nudges to do something else?  If you have even the slightest feeling of discontent about any areas of your life, you have to do something about it. You have to go out and re-discover you.

As I continue my journey of self-discovery, motivating myself into action to be who I am meant to be, I am enjoying myself again, learning to be content with who I am, and where I am.  It's not as if I wasn't happy or living my life.  Rather, I wasn't living enough for me. When you live for you, your truth, your beliefs, you will attract all that is good and authentic to your life.  

Learn to be content where you are, and you will have all that you desire.  It won't come to you out of the blue though, you have to claim it!  Remember my Get Your Life series of articles?  You can refer to them as you continue on, or begin your journey.  I like to refer to them because it helps to keep me focus.  

Have you decided what it is you want to really do? Are you making any changes in your life right now?  Do you want to? I am curious to know if you too are on this journey, or whatever you are doing to make a difference in your life.  Leave me a comment so we can have a fantastic discussion.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Teen's Favorite Lament - I'm BORED
There was a time when it didn't take much to captivate her
I am racking my brain trying to recall back in the days of my youth if I had ever uttered the words "Mom, I'm bored"  Not that I can recall. Not in a "million years"!

Yet those are often the words of my daughter, now 13, and her friends; they are constantly bored, it doesn't matter what they're doing, who they are with, or where they're going,  They are always bored!
Having fun w/her nephew
Keeping her occupied was so easy!
What is it with teens these days?  I remember once my daughter Amanda and I we were out and about, we were busy, then I heard the words, "Mom, I'm bored..".  I asked her how she could be bored doing something that she wanted to do?   I wanted to get to the bottom of this, so I asked her why are you bored, what is it that makes you bored?   She didn't have a definitive answer.  As teens it doesn't matter what they are doing they always seem to be bored and the funniest thing is their attention span is very, very short.  It doesn't take much to hold their attention and if it does, only for a moment.
Yes,  I get involved w/dressing up too!lol! (this was after a long night of trick n treat)
I remember when I was a teen I used to play games, read (my favorite past time) I did so many different things to keep myself occupied.  I have taught each of my children to do this, while keeping them occupied and involved when they were growing up. My teen (she's the youngest) just doesn't want to be bothered with this these days and I look at it as being lazy.  They have become a lazy society.  Teens and young people in general in today's society will claim how bored they are instead of occupying themselves.  If they are not interested in playing sports or doing other physical activities, there doesn't seem to be much for them to do?  I say poppycock!  I am going to remind her of what she can do or be doing, I will keep showing and guiding her so that she can develop better habits.
~sidenote~ Am I not rocking my red fro though?!lol! One of our mom-daughter selfies!
It's of course not as easy, these days our kids when they are older, dictate their likes and dislikes.  We as parents allow this because we want them to be independent thinkers.  I say yes to all that, but within reason.  For now, she'll just have to be occupied with hanging with her friends, playing dance on the Wii, going to youth services, being active in dance class and hanging with mom and explore whenever possible!
 Goofing off in these selfies!
Striking a pose!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Musical Obsession: Are You Ready for the Weekend?

d-foreverserenity.comNo, the title for this article is not a song, though there is such a song by Calvin Harris...which I won't showcase again, any music from him because he and his peeps have the tendency to wipe clean any references to his music anywhere other than where they dictate.....~shrugs~.

I'm using this opportunity my dear readers to give you a run at my muse of musically inspired writings in my Musical Obsession series on this blog.  Yes, from time to time I like to use music as my muse, to soothe the savage beast so to speak.  What would we do without music in our lives?  Isn't music the most inspiring and awesome thing in our world, the gift of sound, of music?

You can begin with the link at the end, then search all of my musical obsession postings and let me know if you like any of them!  The music videos are always via You Tube.  I hope you are having a great Friday.  I am so ready for this weekend!  `Bring it on!!~

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What makes YOU Happy - Breaking Down Happy

Recently, International Happiness Day was celebrated! Did you know this dear readers?  I actually didn't realize it until the day after!lol!  I guess we can't all stay in the know for everything and that is OK.

At the beginning of this week I did a Vlog, I called it a Video Newsletter asking you my dear readers, what makes you happy.  Do you ever ask yourself this question?  Is it something you worry about, being happy?  Personally, I do think about it from time to time.  Sometimes in passing, because I might be doing something I enjoy and experience the happy feeling you get when you feel a sense of satisfaction and contentment.  And also when I wonder if my children are happy, especially if they seem to not be having a good time, well, anywhere.   You know how kids can be.  They never seem to be satisfied.  If you have a teen girl, I think you know what I'm talking about.

So back to the word "Happy" how do you define it?  If you think about it, there are so many definition to that word, mostly because, much like beauty, happiness is in the hands of the you feel, how content or satisfied you are.

There is also quite a few analogies with the word happy at the heart of the meaning.  I took a look at and found the following expressions that people use quite often:

"Happy as a clam": what exactly is one referring to when we say this?  It would mean that someone is so filled with happiness, they are in happy-mode non-stop.  The writer of the article mentioned that perhaps it's because the clam being half-open is like having a smile on, 24/7! Thus the phrase happy as a clam.

"Happy hour": This is a favorite phrase of quite a few people.  I know this because it's a favorite of mine too!lol!  It comes in handy when you are out and about and know that anything you want to eat or drink is at half price!  But this phrase actually started out with an interesting meaning that still lives on, and has been around since the 1600s!  (I'm linking the article at the end so you can read more)

"Slaphappy":  This is an interesting phrase, it means exactly what it says, you are outright crazily happy, emphasis on the word "crazily" as in too much of a good thing maybe?!  Not because you get punched or slapped though!lol!  

"Trigger happy":  This word reminds me of those Westerns my dad and I used to love watching.  Those trigger happy people are not just holding a weapon though, it could be for anything.  It just means that one is pretty much crazily impatient and cannot wait for whatever it is they want.

"Happy-go-lucky": For me, this word means someone who has no worry or care in the world. They don't worry about anything, quite unconcerned.  The phrase started out differently though, and dates back to around the 1800's, wow!

"Happy medium": I use this expression quite trying to find a balance in my life.  A happy-medium refers to exactly that, finding a balance between something; life, a disagreement, as in "agreeing to disagree", to save an argument between friends.  

"Happy camper":  This is another word that is used to describe someone who is always happy and satisfied.  The article does mention that it's often used in the opposite way, when people are not happy!   You know, that's exactly true! Why do we do that?  Use a positive word or phrase in a negative way?

I am sure happy that I read that article. It got me to reflect and realize that we do take some words and phrases for granted, and we definitely use a few of these happy phrases the wrong way.  How about you, have you decided what makes you happy? Or even which phrase is your favorite? Have you ever used any of these phrases in a negative way?  Do share! 

To read the full article, watch the slideshow by visiting the link here.