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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Last Minute Gift Ideas

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So for those of us, yes, "us", as I'm not even near there with this gift buying season; who have yet to complete, or even begin our Christmas shopping; or even know what to buy for say, your mother-in-law who can be so particular, or that finicky brother who always complain, or maybe that person who already has everything! Well, have we got some clues for you.  This my dear readers is NOT a repost!!! 

I love reading Pure Wow, that online magazine that gives you ideas galores and source out so much that they make my head spin!!!  I get giddy reading them, they are one of my regular online reading sources I binge on! Because you do mean the world to me, I'm sharing with you, and to also hopefully save the day?  

Here are some ideas for you to know what to buy when you go get those last minute gifts, or something like them.  Enjoy!

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Gifts for Every Personality

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Re-post: Beginner's Prose: Ode to Christmas Time

I wrote a poem specifically for this time of year dear readers, Christmas. It is the perfect time to add to the Christmas re-post articles I've been sharing.  

I am linking it below from my Beginner's Prose website. Do let me know what you think!

Beginner's Prose: Ode to Christmas Time: Oh Christmas past awaken by the smell, memories come crawling into my head, of those times long ago the smiles and laughter, anxiety of ...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Re-post: Pudgy (all that Christmas food)

I dug this article up for a particular reason dear readers.  I bet you know already, just from the title!lol!  But before I go into the reason, since I usually post Fitness Wednesdays articles today, I thought the article I will link below was perfect!   Most people eat more food at this time of the year, Fall. Because  there is Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas; and for some even the New Year calls for lots of food and drinking!


I know of a few people, even I do it, take time off from their regular fitness program because overindulging at one time or another during these particular times is unavoidable! You know I am right! hahahaha...

So allow yourself to have that ice cream bar, eat that slice of pie, and anything else you want. Just do so within reason. No starving yourself, or going shopping on an empty stomach because once you see food, you will over-indulge!  Go the link below and read more about why I was feeling...pudgy!

FOREVERSERENITY: Pudgy: Two months ago I'm feeling that way, very pudgy. OK, it is a nicer way of saying I'm feeling really fat! I know, I'm whi...

Monday, December 8, 2014

Re-post: The Christmas Tree
What is going on dear readers?  Those of you in the USA, especially in and around my local neighborhoods...where is Christmas?!  I hope you readers overseas have already decorated, right?!

 I asked this question because I've noticed that there aren't as many decorations up thus far.  I do see Christmas decor in the retail stores, but not so much at homes, or even in offices right now.  I don't even feel that Christmas energy in the air the way I would in Christmases past. What is going on?

Now a good question for you to ask me dear readers would be, "Have you decorated your house yet for Christmas Donna"?  My response: "No, I have not."  And yes, the "What is going on" question is for me too! ~sigh~  I could weave you tales, but I won't.
However, as I sat in church yesterday (and I'm not saying that as if I go to church every Sunday because I don't), the pastor asked why aren't we, his congregation more happier at this time of the year?  I perked up when I heard him asked this question because I intended to write this article for my re-post today. He then told us that as Christians, this should be our favorite time of year because it is the celebration of Jesus' birth!  So yes, we should all be REJOICING!  I so agree.
Christmas has become such a time of spending and lot's of "what am I getting"? that I think we have somehow lost the true meaning for this season.  Add to that so many people being out of work, in debt, and with worries about what will be happening for them the next day, or even the next week, well, who wants to celebrate right?  And let me not forget the unrests going on now over the injustices in our society, everyone is outraged and angry; no one seems to have love or peace in their hearts right now.  While I can't say I blame them, because I too feel the outrage of the masses and also, being in an household that has experienced lost income, I can totally relate to thoughts about what tomorrow will bring.

However, as a humanitarian, and a child of God, I also wonder if everyone will ever come together to foster the goodwill of peace? This brings to mind the Christmas Carol with the lyrics, "Peace on Earth, goodwill to men...".  I fervently hope we can somehow get to this point, not just at Christmas, but for all time.

d-foreverserenity.comSo, while my decorations are not up yet at home, I decorated my office and it looks great! ~Yeaaah~.  I will be doing the same thing to my home as soon as we buy our new tree, and that I can't wait to do!  And now to the re-post!lol!  ~Whew~ I hope you're still reading with me because you have got to go read about The Christmas Tree.  How did it start?  Where did this tradition came from? and more.  Also peep the photos of our last tree...the very tree we had to throw out after using it because it had seen years of use and it was time for it to go. ~Oh the memories~.

So walk your fingers to the link below and let me know your thoughts about what I've talked about, your Christmas spirit and whether or not you will be decorating, and if you have already decorated, drop me a photo in the comments!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Re-post: Operation Motivation: Stay Focus, Being Motivated,...

Hello again my dear readers.  I hope your Thanksgiving break was fun for you and family, and friends. We had a blast my family and I.  I will post pictures when I begin to post new articles.  In the meantime the article I am reposting is one of my favorite.  I know, I do like all of my articles!lol!

When I published this article, there was a discussion on Twitter that I had the cheekiness to get involved with, promoting it!  I hope you will like what you read.  Now the trick is, this is a link to a link for the original article, almost like a scavenger's hunt, but a mini one!

FOREVERSERENITY: Operation Motivation: Stay Focus, Being Motivated,...: There are times when I don't post any new articles because I can't get a moment to really sit and write.  I like writing good artic...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Day is practically here my dear readers.  So much so I'm going to give myself a break to tend to this and that for this entire week.

For my international divas, you may be aware that every year, we in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving. It is usually the last thursday in November and this year it falls on November 27th. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving too, however, their celebration happens much earlier than ours.  Do you celebrate where you are too?  Tell us about your tradition. I would love to hear what you and your family do!  For me we will have dinner at our oldest daughter's house this year.  I'm doing a mean Jamaican Jerk Pork dish, it will be spicy!

In the meantime, I will be taking a week-long break from posting any articles.  Have a fabulous time with your families and friends, and if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, do have a fantastic week just the same!!!  Our article re-posts will continue a week later in December. Don't forget to go searching this blog for reads that will make you laugh out loud, feel motivated or start sweating!!! Remember to go over to Fabulously Curvy for tips on what to wear on Thanksgiving!

~Muaaahh xoxoxo~

Monday, November 17, 2014

Repost: Your Moniker, to share, or not to share

What's in a name?  A little meaning, a lot?  Maybe nothing at all?!  What about you my dear readers, who are you?  What do you do?  What do you love to do?  I find it interesting to learn about others. It is a good way to make friends yes?!  So here's a great way to learn about someone.  Check out the re-post of an article below.  

FOREVERSERENITY: Your Moniker, to share, or not to share: A good way to share some information about yourself, if you're asked to d...

I hope you follow along and share a little about you too, so come back to this article and let me see what you came up with!