Friday, March 27, 2015

Girls Can Still be Girls & Kick Butt

Yes we can.  We can still be women, "all-girly" (kick stereotyped to the curb) and all, and do whatever the heck we want.  I read an article in the New York Times written by Vanessa Friedman, in the Times Fashion & Style section.  The article was about First Lady, Michelle Obama and what she wore on her recent 5-day trip to Asia, visiting countries such as Japan and Cambodia to champion her "Let Girls Learn" education campaign.

You know how it is dear readers, Mrs. Obama goes on a trip, the conversation will always, always focus on what she wears.  This visit was no exception.  What I do like about this particular article however, was that the writer made some good points which gave some "food for thought" aka made me think. 

The writer, Ms. Friedman, noted that instead of her usual power suits and bold prints in a hue of colors, Mrs. Obama's wardrobe was rather, "girly" and (screamed) "Femininity to a Point".  Ms. Friedman didn't like any of the outfits that the First Lady wore at first, in her article she observed of the First Lady's choice of clothing:

"They bring to mind the decades when gender roles were codified and distinct, when women’s sphere was the home, and their game plan didn’t necessarily included higher education." Excerpted from "For Michelle Obama, Girlie Clothes that Lean In"

I'm looking at the First Lady's dress from a photograph in the article (posted above) and I really can't see where this would come into play.  But it is the writer's opinion, and upon reading further, I realized why she made these observations and felt the way she did.

According to the writer, the First Lady's choice of clothing style for the entire trip was not very empowering.  She wondered how could the First Lady dress that way when her whole program was geared towards empowering young girls and telling them that they can do anything they want, when her choice of wardrobe reminded her (and possibly anyone who saw the First Lady) of the 1950's; back in the day when the very notion that a woman could do anything such as be a leader, or even work outside the home was a big no-no?

The writer came to the conclusion that the First Lady was very astute in her decision to wear what she did.  Her clothing choices were all very feminine and very "girly" because she wore dresses, and skirts with depictions that bordered on being whimsical.  Everything that a woman in business, and in charge would never do because to be taken seriously most women in business often wear their "man-style" attire with the only hint of femininity being the bright blues and reds of their suits.

What Mrs. Obama has done is shown the young ladies (and the world) she is empowering that they can get an education, become leaders, and do whatever they want, while keeping their femininity in play.  What our girls and young ladies choose to wear does not make them any less than they are.  Is that awesome girl power or what?!  

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Welcome to Our New Look

Well, my dear readers, I've found a look and style that I love for Foreverserenity blog.  It will take a bit for us to get all the tabs working and customize this new theme to what our needs are.

Until such time we ask for your patience and understanding as we continue our work in progress.  Please do feel free to roam around the site, sip your coffee, or drink of choice. Open a title are two, and ride the clouds of our creative muses.
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Monday, March 23, 2015

KidStarter Cool STEM-based DIY Courses for Kids

I've been introduced to a new campaign which channels a way for kids to learn by "doing it themselves", in other words, through learning and their own creativity and being hands on, they learn to make things themselves.  It is a Kidstarter STEM based DIY Courses for Kids.

As a mom I love this idea.  In today's society our kids are so in tuned with technology and watching television, playing games, etc., which are all very good because that is a different way of learning. However, sometimes engaging them to use their imaginations where they can make things from scratch, by themselves, or with others, is absolutely important.  Being involved with the projects that are offered by KidStarter will help them to expand their world and think outside of the box.  Our kids will watch, learn and be guided just by playing and having fun too!  How cool is that?!

I would love to participate in something like this with my teen.  She is so creative and sometimes gets so bored easily.  This would definitely be a great way to spark and keep her interest.

As with many programs of this nature.  In order for these courses to be successful, KidStarter needs your help.  Being able to fund their program will go a long way to having these wonderful opportunities for kids.  Please take a moment to learn more about this program and the courses offered by clicking the link above, or by clicking directly here.  Let me know if you think this is something you would have your child become involved in.

Note: This is an affiliated partnership with #KidStarter via Boostinsider.

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Operation Motivation: I'm NOT in the Mood...being Intuitive

Are these words that comes often from your lips dear readers? Or perhaps your thoughts to yourself? How often do you say, "I'm not in the mood"  Or, "I can't be bothered"?  For me, it was becoming a little bit too often.  This wasn't happening because I don't want to do something, but because I just didn't feel up to doing anything at all. Why? Because there are just times when I get so frustrated with whatever it is that is going on, or not happening, that I get really discouraged with all and sundry! When this happens I'm about ready to throw in the towel.

But is this something that we should let take over our lives?  Take away our joy and reason for why we don't do what we need to do? No.  It shouldn't be.  Sure it's alright to get tired of something, or to get really frustrated.  Just don't let your feelings be the reason why you lose focus. Don't let this be where your journey ends.

There are times when we let ourselves drift off, controlled by our circumstances, or even by someone we think have our best interests at heart, when they do not.  These are the times when your sixth sense will kick in.  Your intuition will warn you that something is not right.  To take a moment and re-consider.  Have you ever ignored your intuition to have the very thing you were fearing occur?  Then you think back to that moment when you knew you should have followed your sixth sense.  There are those moments when we are so tired, so withdrawn or so jaded that we no longer hear or sense what our intuitiveness is telling us. It is your guide, use it, don't ignore it.

So when you have had the most frustrating, uninspiring moments in your life happening all at once or continuously.  At times like these the best thing to do is to take a break. Stop, do something that will renew your spirit so that you can feel rested and encouraged; your senses will be alert and you will see a clear path so that you can continue on that journey you have started, or that you are about to begin!  

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Musical Obssession: Re-post Part Tres`- Donna Summer - Thank. God. It's. FRIDAY!!...

Of course you know there's no such thing in our ever evolving colloquialism of writing dear readers. There is Part Deux...and that's it!!! But being the ever evolving person I am, I'm creating a Part Tres`! hahaha....It's Friday, why not, eh?! 

I love Donna Summer...she will always and forever be in my heart as one of the musical icons of my youth, and as a grown up. In fact, I did publish a part deux of her song in tribute and memory when she passed away last year.  It is one of my favorite movies, and I will always have it on replay!! Who doesn't love Fridays?  The start to the weekend, the end of the work week for most people. Did you have a great day today?  So did I.  Now that the work day is over. Time to let loose, let go, stay up late, sleep in....?  After all, it's still TGIF!!!

Donna Summer - photo credit below

Do go to the link to watch the video, it's one of those long-form video (from the movie of the same name starring, you got it, Donna herself!) and it tells a story.  Love it! 

Hope your Friday ends just the way you want it.  Make it a great weekend!

Follow the link below to the original article and music video:

FOREVERSERENITY: Re-post: Donna Summer - Thank. God. It's. FRIDAY!!...: In loving memory of the Queen of Disco, Donna Summer ,

If the video is gone, as it sometimes is removed, here's another link:

And I found a great website that features some beautiful pictures. Follow this link to see more photos of The beautiful Donna Summer.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Under Construction - New Look Coming

I've shared some months ago that I will be making changes to Foreverserenity, as well as my other blogs, Fabulously Curvy & Serenity Beginner's Prose.  Be warned that sometimes if you click to read and the blog is a bit "messy" and you're unable to access it, just come back later.  As I strive for the aesthetically pleasing style I want, there may even be a different look at certain times.  So when I upload a new theme, if that's not the style I'm looking for, then I'll revert to the current one until I find the look I want. 

Please remember that some of my links are not up and running on this current theme and that may also happen even with the new theme until the entire process is completed. Yes, I will continue to post new articles.  

Thank you for your patience and thank you for reading with me!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fitness Wednesday: The 8 Exercise Moves you Should be Doing

as seen in article The Only 8 Moves you need

As you continue your fitness goals for this year dear readers, to get fit, are you going to the gym, or are you working out on your own?  I am doing a bit of both. It just depends on what is going on for me on any particular day. I like to mix it up a bit and it relieves the feeling of drudgery that happens just because we are the way we are, wouldn't you agree?!!lol!

I recently perused the Men's Journal online and saw something interesting.  Fitness expert for the journal, Daniel Duane wrote that we only need to be doing certain moves when exercising to help us enhance our movements and thus have a better workout.  Doing these movements will help us to be more stable and build strength.  Since I am currently working on being more balanced and building strength I became more alert as I read on.

Mr. Duane said that our movements consist of basically three categories, "pushing, pulling, and hip extension" in other words, "squatting, jumping and running" and you can throw bike riding actions in as well.  When we do these workouts we will learn good forms since we are going to do repetitions and we can make it even better when we add weights which will help to build our strength and stability. 

If you do the suggested movements for the first time and are all arms and legs and totally off balance, don't worry, as you continue to workout and do them, you will get better.   For me personally, using my body to build strength is one of the hardest workouts for me, but I find that when as I do, my form improves and my balance gets much better!

These workouts will not let us bulk up, we in fact get nicely toned and that's a major plus!

Remember, to see your doctor before you begin any workout and to consult a health professional and/or experts in the field you are interested in.  This is only from my views as someone who is physically active and workout for my own health.

You can go to the article linked below to read the full article:

Photographs: Terrence Darvin - as seen on article linked above.
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