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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Where to go if we all turn into Zombies!

With Halloween around the corner dear readers, this is the perfect time for this article!  Do you enjoy watching zombies on television and/or at the Cinema?  I'm a big fan of the Walking Dead television series.  I also enjoy watching a few of those zombie movies too. What is this fascination with these walking deads uh?  

Have you ever thought about what you would do if they were ever real? If there was an Apocalypse of sort....where would you go?  I have no clue.  But I am prepared to show you where you can go because of an article I read on

There are seven places listed where you can go hide out and perhaps survive the living dead.  Places such as Mont Saint Michel in France. Why there?  Well, it has a circular tower with five windows where you won't be blindsided by any creepy attacks! You can see any and everything coming at you!  What a great defense that will be too.

You can also go to Ariau Towers in Brazil, it's a tree top location with all the amenities you can think of.  Which means you won't have to leave it at all to get food or anything else.  Just be sure to have all the weapons to defend yourself ahead of time!

I am happy to report there is a place here in Florida, Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida! You will be so safe there too because we will be 21 Feet under the sea!  Wow...the only drawback...floating dead in the well!!!

To see the other four places listed located in Switzerland, England and China, go to the link below. Just be sure to look behind you and listen out for weird noises! 

7 Places to Survive a "Walking Dead" Style Zombie Apocolypse written by Caroline Morse and Dara Continenza.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Operation Motivation: How to Let Go

Life with its series of ups and downs, turns, and twirls can sometimes be such a death-grip of unhappy moments in our lives, isn't that so dear readers? Because of this if you listen to what's going on inside of your head, your thoughts can be confusing and relentlessly push you to doing what you would never think of doing, such as giving up, which you would never do "in a million years".  

You know what you should do?  Get up and out of that head-space, aka your thoughts, reach out and get hold of someone who will listen to you vent. Because were you to follow your thoughts you would just lie where you are and not move. Seriously.  If you are in a funk and you need to get out of it!  I know you might feel totally defeated. 

After all, life just does't seem to be going your way right now. It's fucking hard and you've had just about enough of all the shit any one person can take, right? I know, I've been there, one too many times.  I was six months ago, couldn't you tell?  To be honest it's been a series of ups and downs professionally, which bled into my personal life. I'm not ashamed to say that to you.  But today I can truly and honestly say that life is improving, it's looking much better, mind you it's not all smooth sailing all of the time, but it has gotten decidedly much better for me!  Do you want to know why?  I will tell you and you must promise me that you too will make a deciding factor to change your own circumstances too.

No, I didn't inherit or win anything. Dang, if I could just do dream foundation would happen like tomorrow!lol!  (hey I said that out loud didn't I, a secret goal of mine) anyways, back to you.... I changed my outlook, the way I think, the way I let others affect the way I feel about myself. You would be surprise how much we let what other people think and how they feel, how they react to us, or behave towards us affects our psyche in such a major way it's freaking damaging to not just our spirit, but to our soul.  Stop listening to them, tune them out. So you want to wear orange with red, why can't you?  You want to go after that dream, that goal that seems so unreachable that you just don't know how to start, where to go? Why not take one step and write your thoughts down. How are you going to do this, what can you do to begin?  What is the simplest, easiest thing that you can do that won't cost anything at this point? Find that one thing and do it.  Go to the Library, they are a great resource.  You're in front of that computer/laptop a lot, go to Google and search your heart out.  But do this, make notes, again write things down.

If instead what you're going through now is health related, have you been to the doctor? Are you doing something to figure out the problem?   Don't like what you heard? Get a second opinion then?  Just don't sit there and cry.  Stop and go get the help you need, and then you cry with tears of happiness and relief, because it may not be as bad as you think!   Along with changing my thinking, I began to trust God more, just letting go and trust in him.  Because somehow I would always wrestle the problem back to myself and carry all that burden on my own shoulders. How is he going to help me when I keep playing this tug-of-war?   You never know what it is exactly that you need to do with your life, am I right? Why would you be going through so much all of the time? Why can't it ever go your way?  Do you ever stop and think that maybe, just maybe, this is your test?  Yes, I said it, a corny as it sounds, please hear me out with all this religion stuff.....maybe this is your time, this is your time to really be where you are destined to be.  So like me, you need to just let go.  Let go and pray. Because of prayer, it grounds me, keeps my faith, keeps me hopeful and gets me through my day.  If you are not the praying kind, then meditate, read something inspirational, do whatever it is that you do to make your spirit flow, that uplifts you so that you don't feel the way you do right now.

Hope may not be able to put food on your table.  But maybe it can give you the idea you need that will help you to find someone who will.  

Friday, October 24, 2014

Musical Obsession: Free Deadmau5 - 4x4=12

Cover Album Deadmau5 photo from Google Play
It's that time again dear readers, what am I talking about?  It's TGIF!!! Happy Friday all!  What are we in the mood for this beautiful day?  Well, how about another of my musical obsession! Which one is it today?  How about FREE music from Google Play!  

Yep, here we go, another free music friday to jump start your weekend dear readers.  This time it is music from the coolest of dude Deadmau5!  You know what I like about this album?  That every song from this album makes me want to go running and keep on running. It is that motivating!  Isn't music just the greatest thing ever?  Like yeeaaahhhh!

Follow the link below and go over to Google Play for your free download.  Remember if you haven't signed up yet, it's quick and easy, they'll take your debit or credit card information, but there won't be any charges....a big fat ZERO!

Let me know what you think about this music. I've heard and watch him play before (on TV), he's a musical genius with the way he mixes music; and my son Adam loves his music.  However, he was not on my listening radar, but sure is now!  How about you?

Deadmau5 Free Album from Google Play

Read more about Deadmau5 here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beginner's Prose: put a smile on your face

Today's hump day prelude my dear readers, getting you to put a smile on your face! Sometimes we forget to do that, especially when we are caught up in our day-to-day happenings that we have to deal with. So stop, take a break, read my prose (see the link below), and remember ~smile~.

Beginner's Prose: put a smile on your face: A big ole smile a happy smile fill your life with laughter stop and smell the roses eat that bowl of ice cream take time to play ru...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Vlog: My Results - The Flex Belt Worked

I am super excited dear readers.  Do you want to know why?  Because of the Flex Belt, which I've used for two full weeks so far; my body looks so much better and I am feeling fabulous! Yes, and that's with being super busy and unable to workout 3-4 times a week as I'm used to! 

A few facts:
1)The Flex Belt by BMR will give you a great abdominal workout because it strengthens your abs and makes it stronger. 
2)It works by stimulating your muscles with the electronic components that makes the belt works.  
3)Be sure to visit with your doctor before you use this product or do any workout for that matter, your health is important and so you do what is best for you. 
4)Please do read and follow the instructions, caution, and advice from the manufacturer of the belt.  It's like crossing the street, you do so with caution looking both ways first right?  So do read everything and follow their instructions. 

It's pretty simple and easy to use, I get home from work, I plug in he unit to charge, when it's ready, I attach the unit to the connector on the belt, and's ready to go!  Do follow the link I'm putting below so you can find out more about it.  

Now watch my updated vlog video, a review follow-up and see the results.  

updated video 

Follow the link I mentioned for more info here:

Let me know what you think dear readers, do you see a change? Would you use it?

Note: I was gifted the Flex Belt so that I could try it and do this review.  The link above is affiliated with me.  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hello Kitty, a little girl? What?!

Think of a kitty, a famous one you know, the one whose face is on quite a few merchandise that we all love and go "ape" about.  Who is this famous kitty I am referring to?  That's Hello Kitty of course!  Did you know Hello Kitty is a little girl, as in a human girl?  

The owners of the brand recently revealed that Hello Kitty is a little girl who attends Primary School (that is Elementary School for the U.S.) and lives in London.  What?!  How can that be? According to Sanrio, the creative company of our favorite, little human, consumers assumed she was a cat because of the markings on her face which are not whiskers.  But, but......OK, maybe those are earrings?! ~must make sense of this~   She can be whomever the people who love her want her to be (ad lib here).   Sanrio knew from the beginning that she was a little girl who lives in England.  She even has a twin sister, and a cat of her own!!! 

I talked to my 13 year old about this because she (along with her friends), are big Hello Kitty fans.  Amanda always want something Hello Kitty and recently begged for and received that cute pair of Hello Kitty glasses.  When I shared this news, she was absolutely surprised and immediately went to every photo she had featuring her to make sure.  She had the same response, "...the whiskers... and the ears...?"  She's not upset about it, and has taken the news in stride! 

For the 40th anniversary, the company will publish the story behind Hello she began, so keep an eye out for this upcoming book (which will definitely reveal her background).  In the mean time, there will be a special day for Hello Kitty fans to celebrate, a Reading Day.  It is this year on October 25th.  There will be all sorts of activities centered around this day.  I've linked the website below where you can not only download the cool icon I've placed in this article, you can get caught up on what is planned for that special reading day, and also participate if you which to.  

We have taken the fact that Hello Kitty is human in stride dear readers, how about you?  If you have children, do they know this?  I would love to hear your thoughts, and especially theirs!

I perused articles on and to help with the details of this article.

Hello Kitty Reading Day in on honor of the 40th Anniversary will be on October 25th, 2014.
Download a free event day kit on the website too!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In Memory of my Mom - Happy Birthday

I was pregnant with Amanda in this photo

Today is a very special day to my heart.  My mom was born on this day, and although she has passed on to the other side, it's a day I will never forget.  I thank God for her being my mom. My siblings and I continue to remember her as the years go by.  Birthdays, Mother's day, Day she passed on, and any other days we choose to.  This might be macabre to some, but I really don't care.  

I had a dream about her and just when she was about to tell me something, that darn alarm clock went off!!!!LOL! I can just hear her laughing at that one!lol!    I miss you. I will always love you.

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