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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Operation Motivation:When Life Throws a Monkey Wrench

It's not easy to accept what life throws at us at times. We are all trying our very best to make our lives work, for us, for our families. We make these grandiose plans, we plan to do this, that, and everything else in between.

What happens when a wrench is thrown in those plans?  Doesn't everything goes awry as it will when your life is thrown upside down?!  I'm testament to the fact that it does go crazy.  If you noticed I've not been on point as I usually am with my blogs lately?  I've had so much happening all at once that while I focus on personal issues, all I can do is keep up with the other half of social media that doesn't require in-depth writing and research from me.

I have had some hairy moments and am thankful that I do have my Faith to turn to.  Even in the times when I question my beliefs.  We humans tend to do that don't we?  We question ourselves and what we believe, we wonder if we are even worth God's time.  We question our own choices from the beginning of time, so to speak. The big fat cloud of doubts roll in and we are a slobbering mess.

Let me say to you that this is okay.  Yes, it is.  It is normal for us to question all that we know, it is inherent in our humanity when we even question the big guy upstairs, or whatever your believe system is.  It is okay when we question if we are good enough.  

I promise you that you are, yes, we are.  Because if we weren't, we wouldn't be here.  We go through our moments in life not by choice but because somehow, there is something to learn, we grow from our experiences, and above all, it brings us closer to that we must become closer to, or with. 

So remember when you're going through all of what life throws at you, you didn't do anything wrong, you are worthy of all the blessings and goodness that life will give to you, just know that this too shall pass.  Hold on with all your might to the Faith you believe in.  Reach out to someone, you won't know who will be there until you do.  Gather your loved ones and closest friends around you. We all deserve to be happy, our experiences in life brings us closer to who we are meant to be, and yes, we deserve all the happiness and fulfillment we receive!  

Friday, February 13, 2015

Have a Non-Traditional Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is here!!! Hands up who among you are not prepared? (me too)  For some of us who don't really do anything special...I'm so over being married to a man who just doesn't remember half the time...I know how sad for me uh?  Well, I like to guilt him into running around last minute which is so much fun to watch!!!lol!

If you already chose your gifts curvy divas, and you're ready to go with your outfit, does it include something red?   Nice. The gift for your special someone?  Cool.  Picked a place, or movies or what?  Hmmm, sweet!

If you've not done anything yet, I'm going to suggest having a non-traditional Valentine's Day this year. It could be with your entire family...I do mean your family that live in your house...including your pets and not your entire family of cousins or nieces from the other side of town!

Instead of the traditional gold, diamonds and so on, how about gifting graphic tees?  It might be too late to order any, but I found cute ones such as the one below over at

What other non-traditional ideas?  Dinner and movies at home. If you don't cook, order from your favorite restaurant and after dinner, it's snuggle time with a romantic movie. Just be sure to get your favorite romance, and not one that makes you cry. There will be no weeping on V-day!

If you plan on getting busy with your other half at the end of the night dear readers, well, it goes without saying you must do one of these two things...find that sexy lingerie you've wowed with before, trust me, he will not remember that he's seen it before, plus he'll be too busy with your assets to think.  Or, run out to Victoria's Secret or your favorite place where you buy your unmentionables and get new ones. 

Remember to have fun! So do you like those impromptu ideas?  You’re welcome!  Happy Valentine’s Day ~ from me to you!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fitness Wednesdays: Which Chocolate is Best for Valentine's Day?

Can you believe Valentine's Day is right "around the corner" dear readers? How did that happen so fast?  Do you have plans yet?  Buying a gift, receiving one? Whatever your plans, if you will be buying chocolate for your special someone, here are some great tips on the type of chocolate you should buy, and why.

Consider the difference between dark chocolate and regular milk chocolate.  Most people like milk chocolate because it is sweeter than the dark ones.  But did you know that the latter are better for you, and your health?

Dark chocolate comes in semi-sweet or bittersweet. This is because it has more than 60 percent cocoa which contains phytochemicals called flavonoids, both comes from plants and other heart-healthy foods like green tea and red wine. H mmm, I love both!

Another reason it is good for you is because they contain antioxidants. And the darker the chocolate, the healthier it is. Have you ever eaten white chocolate? Unfortunately white chocolate doesn't have the antioxidant properties of the dark ones.      

It's recommended that you do not drink milk while eating chocolate because your body won't absorb the nutrients.  So when you attend an event, or lunch and there's food with dark chocolate all over it, EAT!  

To read more go to this link.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Brian Williams and that memory issue, forgive and forget?

It’s all over the news. You must have heard it by now dear readers, the “scandal” surrounding Journalist Brian Williams?  Go to this link to read his story. 
Photo from Free Common Use Images search
When I first heard the news that he had embellished what happened to him while he was covering the War in Iraq, I must admit I was very disappointed.  I wondered how he could have made such a serious mistake in judgment, because he is a seasoned professional and really good at it.  He is also one of the journalists whose broadcasts I enjoy tuning into. 
I tuned myself out of the melee his confession caused.  Upon reading that he had decided to “take a step back” from his job and any future activities in his moment in time, I wondered if he was forced to do that by his employers, or came to this decision on his own accord.  And of course, the melee continued en-mass in the media with name calling, judgment and even ridicule.
It suddenly dawned on me that here “we” are throwing stones (figuratively), all of his career achievements momentarily forgotten, any good he has done, gone.  He has become the disgraced one, nothing he says or do now will ever get him pass this.  Or will it?
Let’s take a step back for a moment.  Who has not at one time or another misspoke, embellished an event, or a story, over-dramatized an experience they went through, especially if it was one with tragic outcomes?  You might disagree with me here because of the “seriousness” of this lie.  We’re talking about The War in Iraq, our men and women who served, some having given their lives to protect us.  This is a lie against them; against “we” the people; against what our military men and women stand for; what we stand for!  This. Is. Serious.
Let me put two things to you; one, is it 100% Brian Williams' fault that he told such a tale, spinning it so well, it became his reality, after all, it must have happened to him?  Perhaps not fully.   Memory researcher and Professor of Law and Cognitive science at the University of California Irvine, Elizabeth Loftus, suggests that it may not be Mr. Williams fault that he has “developed a false memory”.  Professor Loftus shared this information in a Well article I read in the New York Times online, written by Tara Parker Pope.  She said that many of us believe we have a photographic memory, like a video camera, but alas, we don’t.  She also said we are often deceived by what we remember, creating a “False Memory”, and explained further in the article that there have been “Numerous scientific studies” that show how our memories fade with time, often becoming “distorted” to the point where we “embellish” what is reality which gets altered into “new false memories” that are real to us.
Two, Does anyone remember the word “forgiveness”?  Are we so cynical that we can’t forgive Brian Williams of this mistake, even after his confession, and subsequently, his apology?  Have you never, ever, done something, maybe not as grand as this, but enough to make you plead in remorse “Lord, forgive me”?  Aren't you then forgiven, relieving you of guilt and you continue with your life, unscathed?  Yes, our Lord forgives us, and it is with this same mercy that Mr. Williams ought to be forgiven. It will be more difficult for those personally involved to forgive this grievous mistake, but hopefully in time they will, even if they don’t forget.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Musical Obsession: 2015 Grammys - Katy Perry's Prism Nominated

Last year I shared with you Google Play give-a-way for Katy Perry's Prism album dear readers.  Do you remember? I've been listening to my downloaded music, rocking out in the car, at home, when I'm running...Prism just totally rocks!

I'm even more stoked because Prism is one of the Grammy nominated albums for Best Pop vocal Album of the year. Like YES!!!! I'm planning to tune in and watch the Grammy's on Sunday, February 8th. 

Sam Smith's In the Lonely Hour, Ed Sheeran's X and Miley Cyrus' Bangerz are also nominated. I think Miley did an outstanding job on that album. Nope, we will not discuss that tour, however, I am a fan of her music.

If you've been listening to Prism, which is your favorite song?  I have several.  "By the Grace of God", "Love Me",
Photo from Free Common Use Image Search
"Unconditionally", and of course "Roar".  Heck I love all of the songs!lol!  It's great that one of our songs featured in the Musical Obsession series is amongst the nominees ins't it?  

I wish we could vote too.  Aw well, I'm going to have Prism on replay all day today. Now go read Zack O'Malley Greenburg's article on and check out the full list of nominees for each category.  Happy TGIF dear readers. Enjoy your day!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wear Red Day Friday, February 6, 2015

Hopefully you get to read this article before Friday hits dear readers. Why? Because Friday it is Wear Red Day in recognition of Heart Health.  It is the 12th Annual National Wear Red Day.  We need to be aware of this known killer of women. No one is immune when their health is compromised.  

"The Heart Truth® created and introduced the Red Dress® as the national symbol for women and heart disease awareness in 2002" *

We have to remember to eat healthier, and also we must work out.  If you read my Fitness Wednesdays article yesterday, I talked about how we can get back to fitness.  Getting back to fitness will make a difference to our heart, promoting longer life.

So put on your best dressed, or your favorite comfort red clothing and remember to share or tell someone you know you love them. Share the information about heart health and preventing heart disease. Call your friend or family member and ask them if they already had their physical.  Remind them to do so if they haven't. I had my physical already this year, have you?

Please go to this link and read more National Institute of Health. Do refer to this toolkit too.

*This quote taken from the NIH website - National Wear Red Day article.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fitness Wednesdays: 3 Tips on How to get back to Fitness

Like many of you I made big plans to get back to my fitness routine.  I started, stopped, started, and stopped again.  I've been literally fighting my way back to working out again. It is not easy to do.  In spite of the fact that my family is grown our youngest is 13. She is quite a handful lately and it is taking it's toll on me.  Add other factors of life as I know it, well, this woman cannot get out to run as often as she used to!

I had a good run during my first workout a month ago. Getting back to the park, unsure if I would have the stamina to do it, but I did and felt really good after that workout.  I continued a few more times after that. Then nothing, through today, no more workouts!

So, how do you get back into your fitness routine?  My recommendation is to take one day at a time and do the most simplest of your routine.  1) If you usually do a full routine at the gym, then do only one exercise. If you are a runner, begin again by walking.  If you practice Yoga, keep doing it!

2) When it comes to eating, do your best to cut out the extra fat you have been consuming.  Begin to introduce or re-introduce more green leafy vegetables, legumes, and/or any food that promotes better health for you. If we were to cut out that extra serving of meat, sweets, or other food that are remnants of holiday indulgence, it would make a world of difference.

3)Above all else hydrate. Drink the recommended amount of water needed per day. You know what else, if you were to take a serving of water each time you feel hungry.  It might just be that you were thirsty and not really hungry. Especially if you indulge in fatty snacks such as potato chips in-between meals.

Once your body begins to feel you taking care of it, you will feel much better and want to get back into your full routine!

I have begun two of these steps already, eating better by consuming less fatty foods and re-introduced more vegetables in each meal; and hydrating more.  Now since I usually run, to begin walking again!  Stress plays such a major factor in our health, working on what causes these stressors is important.  ~Note to self~

Remember that I'm not a doctor, these are what I have done in the past, knowing they work for me, and think they are great ideas for us to get back to fitness.  Do visit your doctor and any health professional for advice and guidance.  I am posting a few links below with even more tips.

Read these for ideas and suggestions. Copy & paste each link in your browser to activate them.

I cannot forget my own article from a year ago...must do this!