Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Operation Motivation: Continuing to Live in The Moment

"Continue to live in your moment", recently I found myself giving that advice to someone who confided in me what she was going through.  As I listened and talked to her it made me realize that my own problems that were foremost in my mind at the time, were not as detrimental as I thought they were.  Yes they were important, yes, if I didn't find answers I sought, the end result wouldn't have been great.  But I was so glad to put my own problems behind me for a moment while I try to give reassurances to someone else who needed it. I was very happy to be there in that moment.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why Your Hair Isn't Growing

Whether we like to admit it or not, some of us are obsessed with our hair.  We want it to look a certain way and we want to look a certain way because of our hair.  It is our crowning glory isn't it, so why not?  

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us prefer longer hair. We all want our hair to grow, regardless of the look, texture and style.  But did you know that there are several factors which will make our hair not grow?  If I were to ask you what is one of those factors, what would be your response?  Would your first answer be, "Stress?"  While that is a good answer, stress isn't the real reason why your hair isn't growing.

While it is important to get rid of some of the things that causes stress and damages your hair, such as overuse of heating apparatus, overuse of hair color, and trimming regularly is also a good way to keep your hair healthy; these are not the main factors. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Operation Motivation: The Nature of Desire

Don't let anyone in your life put you in a box.  Don't put yourself in a box.  You see, it is hard not to do that to yourself.  It's even harder when it is done to you by those around you who should know better.  Be the star that lights your own way. Find the "U" in You!

Whatever you desire. Focus on it. Don't let it out too much because when you do, there will be someone to soak it up within their own sponge. They don't see you, they see opportunity. And they will spend every moment to take swipes at you no matter what.  Stay far away from these types of personalities!

You won't know what the world has to offer you, you won't know what is out there waiting on you, until you take a trip OUT THERE.  Go on, plan or not.  Be spontaneous if you must. Just don't sit there!

Dive into the ocean of your dreams. Revel in the cool feeling of the water as you dive into that which has been waiting for you.  You can do this.  Hey, grab a life jacket, that always helps!

Sometimes I wish I had a Fairy God Mother.  Yep, then she would wave her magic wand and make all the worries and the headaches go away!  But you do have one, maybe you can't see Him. But He's there, the one that sees all and knows all.  Yep, HIM.  Just close your eyes and whisper a prayer.

Just imagine it!  What is it that gets you all excited?  So excited that the very thought of it just makes you swoon.  You get the butterflies in your stomach and your heart goes pitter patter....patter~  well, if it's love FANTASTIC!~  If it is the dream that you long to make a reality, YES!  Live it! Go. Get. It.

There are times when I wonder what does the outer world see me as?  How do I look to someone on the outside looking in? Then I realize that it doesn't matter.  Because when I do this I will continue to doubt myself and my own abilities.  Life isn't perfect. No one individual can be perfect every moment in their life. As long as you continue to do you.  Continue to pursue your destiny and live your life with integrity.  That is what I am doing, how about you?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

In Memory-A Repost: I Remember you Daddy, Always

This is a re-post.  Not because I don't know what to write, but because this is one of my favorite write ups I did in memory of my dad. I miss him a lot, even today, especially today on Father's Day. It has been 14 years since he died. The pain is not as intense, but it's still there, that feeling of loss. I'm so glad I have a few photos to look at. I'm even happier because of the memories. 

May you continue to rest in peace daddy. I love you, always. 

FOREVERSERENITY: I Remember you Daddy, Always: To you my dad, who has passed on to a higher plain, how can I forget, the laughter, the smiles, the special way you protected us. Runnin...

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Musical obsession: Silento - Watch Me - Whip, now watch me Nae Nae

This song has me laughing when ever I hear it..."Watch me whip, watch me nae nae...". Then at some point the rapper says, "Watch me bop, bop, bop.....".  Basically you end up doing what he, the Rapper, Silento, instructs in the song.  

It is after all my dear readers, a dance song. You know when you go to a party or club, they play a couple of music that has almost everyone up on the dance floor?  Well, while dancing with your partner is one thing, the more bold and adventurous will be dancing in unison "bopping" to the instructions in these types of songs, doing what is called a "Line Dance".  

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Repost Week: Fitness Wednesdays: Follow this link

So a crazy thing happened to me earlier today when I tried to post today's article. Google went down for the count, yes, I believed it crashed!  The article re-write aka the introduction I usually do when I do a re-post is gone...totally gone. There was no auto-saving as is per usual when you are composing on Blogger.  I have no clue what happened?! So because I was in a hurry, I did a quick title change and the article posted directly to the fitness tab.

I didn't have time to investigate or even send a report/feedback to Google.  I guess these things happens from time to time. To be honest, it's been happening a lot too often.  Now, either my equipment, that is, my laptop and my phone and my iPad need updating, or I am losing my mind! 


Now let's take a look closer if you will. First, my phone is new, bought at the beginning of the year...heck, two months ago as a birthday present to myself.  It's been acting up a bit but I don't think that was it.  I started out writing on my phone, then I switched to my iPad.  The iPad is new, that was a gift, so I know it wasn't the iPad.  Well, that leaves my laptop.  Yes, it's old, yes, I need a new one and new software, etc.  But I wasn't using my laptop this morning.  The only reason I mentioned it was because it has been crashing a lot lately, Google has, which means I have to check for a virus...again!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Repost Week:Operation Motivation: Vulnerability

This week is re-post week.  While I continue to tinker with our blog here at Foreverserenity, and setup other links elsewhere (I promise to share all when completed), I thought it would be a great idea to re-post a few articles that you may have missed the first time around dear readers.